Even before I started teaching Yoga 11 Years ago, I have been entirely devoted to my growth and evolution through the continued study and practice of postures, relaxation, breathing, mantras, and meditation. I teach several types of Yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga.

I am attuned to the needs and limitations of each of my individual students and guide them through their fluctuating limitations on any given day in addition to helping them achieve their milestones along their long term journeys. I have gratefully and humbly studied and learned from many renowned national and international teachers and I am registered by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Australia at a Senior level And Yoga Alliance in Brazil.

I also study Vedanta and I’ve been in India 3 times over consecutive years to study at Swami Dayananda Ashram. 

Currently, I’m participating in another teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre to further increase my knowledge and experience.

Employment History

(2016 – Current ) Yoga teacher at Chameleon New Age Salon – Gold Coast

Chameleon, in central Surfers Paradise, receives many tourists every day. We have some regulars but most of the students are interstate tourists and students from Latin America. Speaking three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) greatly helps me embrace all tourists and teach in a complete way along their beautiful journey. The classes are always a challenge in trying to help students with different physical and emotional stages. My classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. Tuesday 09:30 am. I teach basically in this place Hatha and Ashtanga Modified.

(2015 to 2016) The Pure Yoga – Gold Coast

When I arrived on the Gold Coast I found this studio close to my home in Chevron Island and I went there to practice. The owner was a Brazilian woman who was a subscriber of my online magazine (I used to have an online Yoga magazine) and she gave me my first opportunity to teach in Australia. I used to teach a Brazilian group in Portuguese while I was improving my English and making new friends. I taught there for 1 year but had to stop when she moved far away.

(2010 to 2015) Jaya Yoga Studio – Brazil

After 3 years teaching at Casa do Yoga and completing my teacher training in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga, I opened my own studio. I was teaching 3 classes a day divided into Ashtanga and Hatha in addition to conducting study groups in Vedanta and meditation. I also was the manager of this place

(2008 to 2015) Yoga for the Third Age

During these 6 years as a ‘compassion karma’ Yoga Job, I had around 30 students divided in 3 groups of people over 60 years of age. Most of them were living alone, abandoned and with a lot of injuries. The classes were focused on spinal care, rejuvenating health and longevity and nurturing love into their hearts.

(2007 to 2010) Casa do Yoga (House of Yoga) Brazil.

I did my first Yoga class here in 2004 and since this first class I hadn’t stopped. I felt in love with Yoga culture, India and its traditions. Without expectations I did my first teacher training here and the owner subsequently invited me to be a part of the team. It was a wonderful beginning.


Yoga Teacher Trainer level 1 – 260 hours – Casa do Yoga – guidance of Isabel Figueiredo (Brazil)
Yoga Teacher Trainer level 2 – 550 hours – Yoga Bindu – guidance of Pedro Kupfer (Brazil)
Yoga Teacher Trainer level 3 – 60 hours – Yoga Bindu – guidance of Pedro Kupfer (Brazil)
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainer level 1 – 60 hours – Ashtanga Atibaia – guidance of Sara Stangertz (authorized level 2) and Fernando Pacheco (authorized level 1) (Brazil)
Vedanta Camp – 250 hours – Arsha Vidya Pitham – guidance of Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Índia)
Yin Yoga Teacher Training – My Healthy Yoga Gold Coast
Certificate IV Yoga and Diploma in Purna Yoga – Yoga Byron Centre RYS 200

Workshops & further studies

Lino Miele – Workshop Ashtanga Yoga – 2009
Sandro Malburg Bosco – Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop – 2009
Monja Coen – Buddhist meditaion retreat – 2009
Pedro Kupfer – Vedanta Workshop studying the text “Nirvana Satkan”- 2009
X Internacional Conference on Yoga (Brazil) – 2009
Julio Mizuno – Introduction to Shiatsu – 2010
Monja Coen – Buddhist meditaion retreat II – 2010
First Meeting of Yoga and Knowledge (Brazil) 2010
Pedro Kupfer – Vedanta Workshop studying the text “Pratah Smaranam” – 2011
Yoga por peace – A week of activities with many renowned teachers – 2011
Gloria Arieira – Bhagavad Gita Workshop – 2012
Pedro Kupfer – Vedanta workshop studying the text “Mandukya Upanishad”- 2012
Patrick Beach – Take Flight – 2016
Dylan Werner Yoga – Handstand Workshop – 2017
Vedanta Camp – 30 hours – Arsha Vidya Pitham (Índia) guidance of Swami Tattvavidananda – March 2018

Additional Studies

Bachelors Degree in Communication – USC University Brazil

ॐPatrícia de Abreu

Patrícia De Abreu – Registered Senior Teacher Yoga Australia Profile 

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